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An Open Letter To All the Wonderful People I Have Had the Honor of Working With

When I opened my office in Oak Park 12 years ago I could not have imagined all of the amazing people that I would have the pleasure of meeting.

In my professional pursuits I have only ever wanted to make a difference in the quality of people’s lives, and I hope that has been the case for you.

As a rule I have made it a point to keep a separation of my personal life and my professional life, but the reality is that in the end they are inseparable.

The last six years have brought with them significant personal and professional challenges, which for these purposes I will forego. And, as is often the case, with great difficulty came the opportunity for self-reflection.

After many, many hours of introspection, along with the counsel of others, I have decided to retire from practice.  I will continue to take appointments through Friday, April 22nd, and then, at least for now, I will be closing my doors.

I can’t thank you all enough for entrusting me with your health all these years. It has truly been an honor.


Dr. Sean Manning